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Can hand sanitizer mixed with water be used for disinfection?

Hand sanitizer is a hand cleaning product that we often use. With hand sanitizer, we can wash our hands with it when we go out to wash away most of the bacteria on our hands and avoid contact with food. Many hand sanitizers can eliminate specific bacteria, and many people will use it with water. In fact, this will affect its cleaning and disinfection effect.


Can hand sanitizer mixed with water be used for disinfection?
It cannot be disinfected, and the disinfection and sterilization effect after mixing with water will be greatly reduced. Don't take it for granted that hand sanitizer is just a mixture of sterilization and decontamination ingredients plus water and other substances. In fact, its concentration and composition are scientifically based. The random mixing of water destroys the design concept of the product itself, makes the hand sanitizer lose its antibacterial and disinfection effect, reduces the effectiveness of the hand sanitizer, and easily infects the hands with bacteria.



Hand sanitizer mixed with water will last for a few days
It is recommended to use up within 3 days. Because the tap water we add, which is the water that comes straight from the tap, is not completely sterile. It usually contains bacteria or microorganisms. When adding body wash, dish soap, and hand sanitizer into the bottle, it may dilute the preservatives in the product itself, thereby reducing the effect. Once the microorganisms multiply, they will easily deteriorate over time.


The correct way to use hand sanitizer
It is enough to use a small drop every time you press down on the hand sanitizer. If you are worried about poor control, you can use a rubber band to tie the part under the nozzle to avoid pressing it all down at once. Not only does it save on usage, but it also prevents a lot of hand sanitizers from being difficult to clean and damaging to the skin. It is best to apply hand cream immediately after each use of hand sanitizer to prevent drying.

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