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Can the disposable hand sanitizer expire other items?

Illness comes from the mouth, especially in this more sensitive period. It is necessary to wash your hands and disinfect frequently every day, so that you can stay away from many viruses. Disposable hand sanitizers are relatively more convenient. They evaporate and dry themselves, and most of them contain alcohol that can be disinfected. But hand-washing products also have a shelf life. Be sure to use them within the validity period. Try not to use them after the shelf life.


Can the disposable hand sanitizer expire other items?
It’s best not to use it after the expiration date, because the active ingredients of the expired hand sanitizer will lose activity and affect the antibacterial and sterilization effects, so the disinfection effect is far worse than before, and the cleaning effect is also greatly reduced. Moreover, the expired hand sanitizer may grow bacteria if it is used for a long time, and it will cause deterioration such as peculiar smell and bubbles, which will bring bacteria into the skin after use. If you have to, it is recommended to choose other cleaning supplies.



What is the use of expired hand sanitizer
Range hoods and gas stoves: Pour some hand sanitizer on the range hoods and gas stoves, and then use a cloth dipped in water to scrub directly, you will find that the oil is immediately removed.

Cooking table: Pour some hand sanitizer on the cooking table first, and then directly scrub with another cloth dipped in water.

Bathroom tiles: Bathroom tiles are usually moldy and dirty and can be used. Wet the tiles first, then pour some hand sanitizer on the tiles, and then scrub with a normal brush.

Basin: Pour some hand sanitizer on the basin, then scrub with a little water and a normal brush.

Toilet: Pour some hand sanitizer on the toilet lid, toilet seat and inside the toilet. The toilet lid and toilet can be cleaned with a small amount of water and ordinary brushes.


How to choose hand washing products
1. See if there is any "Wei Xiaozheng". There are two kinds of hand sanitizers on the market: "Wei Xiaozheng" and "Weizhuang Zhunzi". The "Wei Xiaozheng" category is used for disinfection. Why is it fair that it is mainly used for sterilization, antibacterial, and disinfection.

2. When buying disposable hand sanitizers, pay attention to the packaging. It is best to choose "alcohol content 75% ± 5%". Not too high, but the effect is not good. In addition, alcohol can catch fire in a fire. Please keep away from high temperature and open flame during storage.

After using this type of hand sanitizer, do not immediately approach open flames, such as lighting mosquito coils, smoking and using open flame stoves to avoid accidents.

3. It is best to choose independent packaging. If it is non-independent packaging, it must have a sealing sticker and a sealing cover, and cover it in time after extraction.

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