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Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial Hand Hygiene Gels - Less Effective Than Their Traditional Counterparts

Hand sanitizer is usually a foam, liquid or gel usually utilized to kill several microorganisms/viruses/organisms on the human hand. Actually, in several settings, hand sanitization with just soap and water would usually be preferred more. This is for the reason that the soap and water may not be enough to completely kill the microorganisms or organisms on the hand. For this case, the use of sanitizing hand gel would definitely be a practical choice.


So, with the above information, you will have a better understanding of why using hand sanitizer should be preferred over other methods of hand cleansing. This is so because the main purpose of using the sanitizing agents like Benzalkonium Chloride and Potassium Hypochloride is to prevent the growth of microorganisms on the hands and the possibility of infecting others with the said microorganisms. The ingredients of these agents are readily available and inexpensive. However, it should be noted that although these ingredients can certainly prevent the development of any type of infection, they are less effective in dealing with infectious agents like the Coronavirus.



The efficacy of the said hand wash product would still be less effective against pathogens that are not killed by the said antibacterial agents. This is why people who have been infected by such agents would still require hand washing using soap and water. Using a gel or a plain solution may be more preferred than hand rub because a plain solution has lesser chances of being licked or transferred from one surface to another.


Soap or a solution that does not contain a preservative like the antiseptic TEA or the chlorhexidine gluconate is the preferred choice for hand washing. One must however remember that although these products are cheap, their use requires the assistance of a trained person or even a thorough washing and rinsing with soap and water. Although it takes some effort and skill, one can greatly reduce the chances of acquiring an infection by doing the recommended daily ritual of washing one's hands. However, people who suffer from constant hand ulcers and infection should not use this method since it could only provide temporary relief.


When washing hands often, make sure that you do it with warm or hot water. Always use soap or liquid cleansers instead of antibacterial soaps which are not as effective as liquid cleansers. To reduce the chances of contamination while washing hands use gloves. This practice will not only help in reducing the occurrence of infections; it will also make your work simpler. Most of us are aware that hand hygiene is very important. If you are still unsure about the safety of your health and if you want to ensure protection against various ailments, then it would be best to start practicing proper hand hygiene right away.

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