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How long is the expiration date of the disposable hand sanitizer

Disposable hand sanitizer can be said to be the favorite of lazy people, but it is better to wash your hands with running water, which can wash away bacteria. But you can use disposable hand sanitizer to clean your hands before eating. Many things have an expiration date. The same is true for hand sanitizers. The cleaning and sterilization effects of expired hand sanitizers are not as good as before. How long is the expiration date of hand sanitizers? Is there any effect after expiration?


Disposable hand sanitizer is valid for a long time
Hand sanitizers generally have an unopened validity period of about three years, which can be seen under the bottom of the bottle. Ordinary hand sanitizer can be used within the validity period after it is turned on, and there is no requirement for the use time after it is turned on. If it is an antibacterial hand sanitizer, it is generally best to use it up 1 to 2 months after opening, otherwise the sterilization effect will gradually weaken over time. If it is a quick-drying hand sanitizer used in hospitals, it generally contains alcohol for one month after opening and 2 months for non-alcoholic disinfectant.

No matter what kind of hand sanitizer, it is best to use it up within the validity period. If you use it for too long, the hand sanitizer itself can breed bacteria. Using expired hand sanitizer will not only make it impossible to clean, it will also make your hands dirty.

Is the expired hand sanitizer still effective?
Do not use hand sanitizer after it has expired. Hand sanitizer itself is rich in nutrients. If it is placed for a long time and not replaced in time, it will easily lead to the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, which will gradually cause blistering, delamination and peculiar smell. This hand sanitizer is not only unable to clean, disinfect and sterilize, it may also contaminate hands and attract bacteria.

In addition, disposable hand sanitizers usually contain disinfection ingredients, volatile solvents and skin care ingredients. The easiest way is to use 75% alcohol. If the expired hand sanitizer has expired, it may have evaporated and has no effect.


How to care for hand sanitizer injury
1. Paper towels are more hygienic after washing hands
According to experts, compared to using a hand dryer, wiping your hands with a clean paper towel can dry your hands faster and prevent the spread of bacteria more effectively. Wipe your hands with a paper towel for 10 seconds to remove 96% of the residual moisture on the skin surface, and then wipe for 15 seconds to remove 99% of the moisture.

2. Prepare hand cream
Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will speed up the loss of skin moisture while removing bacteria. Repeated use can easily cause dry skin and other problems.

People with dry skin should always keep hand cream and apply it after washing their hands.

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