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Other precautions when purchasing hand sanitizer

In the face of this new crown epidemic, everyone knows the importance of hand washing for self-protection. In your circle of friends, you should have seen a variety of hand sanitizers recently, and they will basically claim that they can effectively kill the new crown virus, which is an indispensable magic weapon during the epidemic. However, for many people, these hand-washing sanitizers have been relatively seldom understood in the past. Therefore, there have been many messages recently asking whether a certain hand-washing sanitizer is reliable and how to choose it.

Questions to be aware of when choosing a hand sanitizer:

1. For hand sanitizers with alcohol as the main ingredient, everyone should pay attention to their concentration. According to observations, the alcohol concentration of these products is basically above 70%, but some may not even reach 60%. You can pay attention to the ingredient list when choosing.


2. In addition to alcohol, some products also contain other antibacterial ingredients. For example, the following one also added a quaternary ammonium salt disinfectant ingredient benzethonium chloride, this ingredient will not volatilize, there will be residues after use, avoid touching food and eyes with your hands.


3. For disposable hand sanitizers, in addition to these antibacterial ingredients, some products will also add some other ingredients such as moisturizers, it is recommended to do a sensitivity test before using it. For example, the following disposable hand sanitizer has an additional moisturizer, propylene glycol, aloe vera extract, a calming and anti-allergic ingredient, and thickening ingredients such as carbomer, which does not rule out the risk of sensitization. So before giving it to your child, try it on a small area and apply it to the entire hands without allergies.


4. Be wary of hand sanitizers containing triclosan. Triclosan is also known as triclosan. The US FDA has listed triclosan on the list of banned daily hand sanitizers due to suspicion of its risk of thyroid hormone levels, increased skin cancer, and bacterial resistance, but it is still allowed in Europe and my country, so you will see There are also such products on the market. Try to avoid it when choosing, especially for children, you need to be more cautious.


5. In addition to triclosan, there are two preservatives: methyl chloroisothiazolinone and methyl isothiazolinone. The European Union believes that these two preservatives are highly allergenic, and have restricted the use of these two preservatives, and banned their use in resident cosmetics (no rinse). Therefore, no-hand sanitizers containing these ingredients must be paid more attention.


In general, in response to this new crown epidemic, if the purpose of using hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer is to kill the new crown virus, then the most guarantee is the alcohol-based hand sanitizer. When buying, pay attention to its concentration and whether there are some risk components that need to be paid attention to, including triclosan, methyl chloroisothiazolinone, methyl isothiazolinone, etc., and use a small area to determine before formal use Will it sensitize the baby? In addition, you must pay attention to safety when using alcohol, and do not put it near open flames, and do not place it where children can reach it, so as not to swallow it by mistake.


Non-alcoholic hand-washing disinfectants are basically not very sure of their killing of the new coronavirus. If you choose because it is not suitable for alcohol products, it is recommended to choose those products whose active ingredients have been fully verified and widely used, such as benzalkonium chloride, polyhexamethylene biguanide, hypochlorous acid, these are no problem , But after using the first two, it is recommended to rinse with water or wipe clean with wet wipes before touching food.

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