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What Are Hand Sanitizers and How Safe Are They?

Hand sanitizer is actually a solution, usually foam or gel in general used to kill several microorganisms/viruses on the human hand. It is used to wash and sanitize hands especially before entering into places where the risk of being infected by such microorganisms is very high. Usually, hand sanitizer is usually used in the home or in the office to keep the hands clean and free from the spreading of several microorganisms. Hand sanitizer helps in killing the microorganisms and thus preventing the spreading of sicknesses. Hand sanitizer has been made compulsory in several places to reduce the spread of several contagious diseases.


The main purpose of using hand sanitizer may be to cut the risk of several illnesses. However, several researches have revealed that this product does not cut the risk completely. Studies have revealed that over sixty percent of the people using this product do not get rid of the germs from their hands. This means that more number of people would be contracting the germs even if they use this product to clean and disinfect their hands.

Studies reveal that because of negligence in using the sanitizers, more people contract infections than expected. Some health officials believe that the reason why consumers are contracting infections after using the sanitizers is due to the ingredients of the product. A large number of germs that cause infection can be found on the labels of these soaps.


It is essential for hand sanitizers to cater to the needs of every age group. There are special children's sanitizers that prevent infections caused by viruses and bacteria carried by humans. Adults should also use these products when they are cooking to avoid getting the germs and bacteria into their food. Manufacturers should consider making some changes so that people do not get overwhelmed by too much choices and end up buying the wrong kind of sanitizing agent. The right choice will help them to stay away from serious health problems.

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