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Why do not wash hand sanitizers with water?

As the name implies, no washing is necessary. The emergence of disposable hand sanitizer has provided us with great convenience, especially when there is no water to wash hands when going out. This product has greatly solved our big problem. Let's take a look at the editor below to understand what is the principle of disposable hand sanitizer? Why is the disposable hand sanitizer not rinsed with water?


Basic principle of disposable hand sanitizer: disinfecting ingredients + volatile solvents

Alcohol and benzalkonium chloride are disinfecting ingredients in hand sanitizers, and glycerin and lipids are ingredients that can play a role in skin care. Disposable hand sanitizers are required to clean dirt in the absence of water sources. Among them, alcohol and benzalkonium chloride play a role in disinfection and sterilization.


In order to avoid excessive foam generation, and after using hand sanitizer, it can volatilize automatically without washing with running water. Therefore, alcohol and some volatile surfactants are added to the ingredients to take away the dirt through the surfactants. And it volatilizes automatically to achieve the cleaning effect.


Although the disposable hand sanitizer is easy to use and carry, it does not need to be washed, and you can wash your hands anytime and anywhere, but under the condition of water, the editor recommends to still rinse your hands with water, because some stains on your hands can only be removed by washing your hands under running water , Disposable hand sanitizer can only kill the bacteria on the hands, and finally become sterile stains.

Therefore, the disposable hand sanitizer is still recommended to be used as an emergency product. It is not recommended to use the disposable hand sanitizer when it is inconvenient outdoors.

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