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Aluminium Eyeliner Pen

The reversible tip of the aluminium eyeliner pen is a great benefit for the wearer. It allows the wearer to easily change the application of the liner. If you use a liquid eyeliner, you can simply twist the tip from one side to the other to change the direction of the liner. The tip is easy to clean and can be replaced with the same one after each use.


The rounded tip of the pen is perfect for lining the upper and lower lash lines. This pen is made with a hypoallergenic, water-based formula that won't irritate your eyes. It also comes in three stain-free shades. The pencil comes in a screw-top aluminum cylinder and is available in four different shades.


Once you've lined your eyes, you can apply mascara using the pointed end of the pen. Then, apply your liner using the tip of the aluminium cylinder. Once it's dry, swipe it along the lash line to create a natural-looking look. Once you're done, use the included brush to remove the liner. The aluminum cylinder has a convenient screw top, which makes for easy storage.



Once you're done applying your eyeliner, you can follow it up with mascara. The tip should be pointed towards the lash line to create a soft wing effect. Once you've finished applying your eyeliner, you can then apply your mascara on top. You can also apply a wing-like shape with this pen. This allows for easy application. The aluminium cylinder is highly recyclable.


After applying your liner, you should follow with your mascara. The aluminium cylinder is easy to use and comes with a rounded tip. The tip of the cylinder is rounded to create a smooth line. After applying your eyeliner, you can apply mascara along the lash line with the point of the tip. It will create a smooth line. You can easily control how much you want to apply with this aluminium cylinder.


After applying your eyeliner, you should apply mascara. You can easily apply it along the lash line using the point of the aluminium cylinder. You can also choose to buy a waterproof mascara if you have sensitive eyes. Then, you can apply your eyebrows with the other hand. A brow pencil is a great way to finish the look. If you don't like the look, you can try a waterproof version.

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