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Ningbo Lanzi Cosmetic Technology Co., Ltd is professional China Slim Eyebrow Pencils Manufacturers and Slim Eyebrow Pencils suppliers. We own cosmetic packaging factory and workshop to provide high quality packaging, which make us advantageous compared to traditional OEM companies. Company has attained ISO9001-2015 quality system certification. Lanzi Cosmetic Technology offer OEM Slim Eyebrow Pencils, other cosmetic pens and hand sanitizer etc. It provides the best quality of products for all the big cosmetic brands in China, Europe, Japan and America.

The best thing about the eyebrow pencil is that you can apply it on your eyebrows in varied degrees depending on the shape and size of your brows. For those who have thin eyebrows, a thinner line can do the trick but for those with thicker eyebrows, the line should be more gradual. You will be able to find both pencils that have tiny black particles in it or those that come with silver particles. These particles will act as a good browser for your brows.