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Eyeliner Pencil Tips

Eyeliner pencil is a typical cosmetic used to emphasize the eyelids. It is generally applied on the upper lids to produce various aesthetic effects. In fact, an intense use of eyeliner can even be seen on Hollywood movie stars. This article will give you some information on how to apply eyeliner and achieve desirable results.


The basic concept behind eyeliner pencils or eyeliner pens is to draw the eye lashes. This technique is typically applied for highlighting or creating a more dramatic look. When the eye lashes are highlighted, the natural color of the eyeliner blends in with the natural color of the eyelids.


The first step in applying eyeliner pencils or liners is to prepare the skin by exfoliating the eyelids with a pebble or a loose piece of tissue paper. Then, take a small brush and dip it into a small amount of olive oil, which should be just enough to wet the brush. Next, take the tip of a fine-tipped eyeliner pencil or liner and slowly run it along the upper lashes from the outside corner to the inside corner. The effect created will be a smudge effect, which is caused by the tip of the eyeliner drawing a line across the lower lash line.

The second step is to use a clean finger to apply a thin line of eyeliner pencil at the base of the lower lashes. Make sure that the eyeliner or pencil is thin enough to blend with the natural skin, and apply sparingly. The tip of the brush should not be very sharp, but should be just wide enough for the eyeliner to stick to the lower lash line. If the line doesn't blend well, the entire eyeliner will end up streaked, which does not look very appealing.


The final step is to apply a very thin line of eyeliner at the very outer edge of the lower lash line. This is the part that will not be seen when looking straight down at the eyes. If using waterproof eyeliners, the lines should appear thinner than they would if using oil-based eyeliners. If using gel eyeliners, the lines should be a bit more even and not look too thin. Finally, top off with a thin line of mascara at the bottom and then the darkest shading of eyeliner or pencil at the top of the eyelid.


For best results with your eyeliners, it is recommended that you sharpen your pencil or liner after each use. Using an old toothbrush or makeup tweezers can cause lines to start to blur, which takes away from the definition you are trying to achieve. If you have extremely sensitive skin, it is recommended that you use a small amount of eye lining foundation with the liner. This keeps the liner from becoming too oily, which can cause the liner to show up. If you prefer, you can also place a small amount of powder blush on your eyelid before applying the liner to help it adhere better.

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