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How to Draw Curly Eyebrow eyebrows Perfectly

Slim Micro Ring Teeth Pencil is an excellent pencil for precise shaping and defining eyebrows. Achieve ultra-precision, hair-like thin strokes for naturally defined and truly beautiful eyebrows. The pencil boasts an ultra-thin, precision fine tip, and a built-in, detachable, spool bristled brush for creating finely defined eyebrows. Available in six naturally light shades ranging from dark brown to rich black; this pencil will work great for all skin tones.


This pencil is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to draw thin eyebrows. The natural looking eyebrows you achieve with this pencil are far more defined than those you would achieve using an eyebrow pencil or foam. The ultra eyebrow pencil is a superb tool for the precise definition and sculpting your eyebrows into a natural-looking variety. Unlike with other products on the market, the results you achieve with the slim eyebrow pencil are far more natural looking and long lasting.

The main reason why people do not achieve perfectly defined eyebrows is due to not knowing how to apply the product correctly. Most people have a go at drawing their eyebrows, either by using a stick on pencil or liquid eyeliner, and then they are disappointed when their attempts at drawing thicker eyebrows is met with an overly thick line when they try to take them out. This happens because people are applying the ultra slim eyebrow pencil incorrectly. This product is different from your normal pencil as it is not a liquid, but a gel pencil that has a thin but intense line of color running from the base of the pencil to the tip.


To draw thin eyebrows perfectly, start off with a clean and dry face. Apply a small amount of this pencil to your wet and clean brows and wait for it to dry before applying it to your face. Once you have properly applied the pencil, gently run your fingers through it, starting from the ends, working your way in. Make sure that the color is applied evenly to your entire eyebrow and try not to apply too much. You can use your fingers to spread it around, but if you want to make the line thicker you will have to apply it to your whole eyebrow.


Now that you have correctly drawn your eyebrows, it is time to take out your regular pencil and create a line inside of the defined area. Starting off with a pencil of the same color, use the spoolie brush and sweep your lines. It is important to keep your natural and fake eye colors in mind, as well as your natural eyelashes. Once you have successfully applied in your thin line of color, use your spoolie brush and blend the two together to create your perfectly defined eyebrows.


If you like, you can use either pencil or liquid eyeliner to draw your eyebrows perfectly defined. For a really great look, draw your eyebrows with pencil first and then add the liner with a liquid liner. This way you can create the exact look you desire. To get an ultra eyebrow that you will love to show off, follow these simple steps.

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