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Tips for drawing eyebrows

Step 1: Repair the eyebrows and then brush the eyebrow powder. To trim eyebrows is to first clean up the miscellaneous hairs outside the main eyebrow shape. Then use a small brush to dip a little eyebrow powder on the eyebrows, and brush according to the growth of the eyebrows. Be careful not to brush beyond your brows. That is, the base color first.

Step 2: Pick a color to darken the color. Choose an eyebrow pencil that is similar to your own hair color. If you choose a color that is too different, it will look awkward and unnatural. Then use the eyebrow pencil to draw along the eyebrows, not against the eyebrows. Don't draw the shape of the eyebrows first, that is, fill in the eyebrows to deepen the color, rather than outline the outline.

Step 3: Use a thin eyebrow brush to brush brow powder, brush back and forth twice at the end of the brow and the center of the brow, and then brush twice from the middle to the brow.

Step 4: Apply brow balm. Brush back and forth in the direction from the end of the brow to the brow, which can fully fill the gap between the brows and make the brows more even and natural.

Step 5: Adjust the sense of light makeup. After everything is done, use a face puff to dab white eyeshadow on the eye and gently sweep it over the eye to lighten the makeup on the brows and make the makeup more natural. Then a simple entry-level thrush is complete!

There are many types of eyebrows, which can be divided into four types in general: standard eyebrows, horizontal eyebrows, curved eyebrows, and raised eyebrows.



Standard eyebrow
Applicable face shape: basically suitable for any face shape and any age. If you really can't tell what face shape you belong to, the most reliable way is to draw standard eyebrows.

Drawing method: The eyebrow peak is 2/3 behind the eyebrow from the eyebrow end. Use the eyebrow pencil to outline smoothly along the horizontal line. This is suitable for filling along your own eyebrow shape, without deliberately changing the direction of the eyebrows. The focus is on the peaks and ends of the eyebrows.


Horizontal eyebrow
Horizontal eyebrows are what we often call Korean-style eyebrows.


Curved eyebrows
This eyebrow shape is usually suitable for girls with relatively short faces, because it will make her face appear longer visually.

The point to note here is that the eyebrow peak is located at three-fifths of the entire eyebrow. Of course, it can also be moved back appropriately. It can be determined according to the actual situation of the person's face. The whole eyebrow gives people the feeling of being uplifted.

Applicable face: long face. Especially not suitable for round faces.

Drawing method: The eyebrow peak is at 3/4 of the back from the brow head to the brow tail, first use the eyebrow pencil to outline the shape of the straight eyebrow. Then use eyebrow powder to fill in the gap. The eyebrow peak does not need to be too prominent, but it can be smoothed a little to make the whole person look warm and oily.

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