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What are the types of eyebrow pencils?

1 Powdery eyebrow pencil

Powdery eyebrow pencil is actually eyebrow powder. It has a powdery texture and a finer powder. When drawing eyebrows, it is often paired with an eyebrow brush. The eyebrow brush is dipped in the powder and then brushed on the eyebrows.

Advantages: The fine powdery brush is applied to the eyebrows, which will have a considerable sense of detail and naturalness. It will also increase the three-dimensional effect of the eyebrows. It is also easy to smudge and is not easy to make mistakes.

Disadvantages: After all, the eyebrow powder is matched with an eyebrow brush. The brush head is generally not a pointed pen shape, so it is slightly lacking in the outline of the eyebrow shape. This can be used in cooperation with the pen-shaped eyebrow pencil, and the eyebrow pencil outlines the delicate The shape, filled with brow powder, is more refined and more natural.

Applicable to the crowd: novice thrush, hand disabled thrush, and people who pursue natural eyebrow shape.

2 pen shaped eyebrow pencil

The so-called pen-shaped eyebrow pencil is the one mentioned above that can finely outline the shape of the eyebrows, but the types of eyebrow pencils on the market are also diverse, basically including the following.

① Pencil type

This type of eyebrow pencil can be said to be the most primitive shape of the eyebrow pencil. Its tip can be controlled in size or thickness with a sharpener, which is very flexible. Pencil-shaped eyebrow pencils are more suitable for some beginners who are just getting started, and novices don’t have to worry about being too difficult to operate.

Advantages: Easily outline the delicate eyebrow shape and shape delicate eyebrow makeup.

Disadvantages: It looks like a pencil, and it needs to use a pencil sharpener to control the dosage. It needs to be sharpened every time it is used up. It’s more troublesome in terms of portability. If you don’t carry a pencil sharpener when you go out, the embarrassment of using without eyebrow pencil will happen.

Applicable crowd: those who are more proficient in thrush, and those who like delicate eyebrow makeup.


②Pull type

The pencil-type eyebrow pencil is very similar to the pencil-type eyebrow pencil, except that the material wrapped around the pen core is different from that of the inner pen core. The outer part of the pencil-type eyebrow pencil is wrapped in sawdust, while the outer part of the pencil-type eyebrow pencil is Pull the line. When the pen core is used up, you don’t need a knife to sharpen the pencil. Just pull the line. Of course, pay attention to lowering when pulling the line. Don’t let the pen core be exposed for too long. The core is broken.

In addition, the draw-string refill is relatively thick. If you are not accustomed to using thick refills, you can also use a knife to cut into the shape you are used to. Moreover, this type of refill is softer than the pencil type. Excessive force will cause excessive accumulation of the drawn eyebrows, and the eyebrow makeup will appear extremely unnatural, so when drawing the eyebrows, try to use multiple light strokes.

Applicable crowd: people who are more professional and skilled in thrush.

Pull-line eyebrow pencil, Xiaobai has no pressure to use, and the eyebrow pencil cut into a duckbill shape can draw a three-dimensional simulation of eyebrows, showing a distinct effect! Pull it twice, then slowly cut it, and you can easily cut out a flat duckbill eyebrow pencil. There are five colors in total, all of which are very beautiful and everyday colors. The active oily formula has a good waterproof effect. It is no problem to wear makeup all day long!

③Push tube type

The push-tube type eyebrow pencil is also the familiar automatic eyebrow pencil. This type of eyebrow pencil does not need to be sharpened or drawn. Before use, you can rotate the refill. Don't worry about the length of the refill. And this type of eyebrow pencil is generally equipped with an eyebrow brush on the other end, which can brush the eyebrows out of a natural three-dimensional effect and is also convenient for trimming.

The comparative advantage of the push tube type eyebrow pencil is that its refill is rectangular or triangular, which makes it particularly easy to operate when drawing eyebrows, regardless of the shape or filling of the eyebrows. Therefore, this type of eyebrow pencil is very practical. Whether it is the operation of the eyebrow or the final effect of the eyebrow, it is the best eyebrow pencil.

Applicable crowd: anyone.

3 liquid eyebrow pencil

Liquid eyebrow pencil is the kind of refill that can produce water, a bit similar to the feeling of liquid eyeliner. Compared with other types of eyebrow pencils, liquid eyebrow pencils have considerable advantages in durability, and it can easily draw distinct eyebrows, so this type of eyebrow pencil can also make the eyebrows of non-brow stars particularly durable. Quite delicate and natural.

Generally speaking, this type of eyebrow pencil is more prominent in color rendering and detail processing capabilities. However, liquid eyebrow pencils are particularly easy to dry, and because they are not easy to modify for long-lasting, those who are not good at controlling thrushes should not use this eyebrow pencil.

Disadvantages: But long-lasting goodness is not an advantage. It takes a lot of force to wipe it off to remove it, which is very inconvenient for people who need to wear different eyebrow shapes every day.

Applicable people: skilled operators of thrushes, star people without eyebrows, and people who often have makeup and take off.

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