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How to Choose an Eyeliner Pencil

Eyeliner or eye liner is a specialized cosmetic used to specifically define the eye. It's applied on the upper and lower lids of the eye as a means of enhancing the natural beauty of the eyes. It's a way to enhance your facial expression and can even be used during the daytime to give your face that 'not so perfect' look. It's generally used to draw attention to the eyes, but it can also be used on the lips and cheeks to give you a more defined look. This cosmetic is usually translucent or white, and is available in several different colors, allowing you to complement nearly any look you might want to achieve.


With an eyeliner pencil, you have to be careful to draw the line right along the lash line, and not too close to the pupil. Also try drawing a line just below the eyebrow, to soften the look. Always use the top lid as a guide to determine where to draw, because any stray or missing line will stand out dramatically, causing a washed out look that you don't want! When applying the makeup to your upper lids, use a small sponge tip in an upward motion to fill in any gaps or 'wobbles'. When applying to the lower lids, use the same method, but with a circular motion.


One of the best tips for applying eyeliner pencils is to use a bit of a darker shade to define the area that you are trying to highlight, and a lighter shade to soften the area. By using a darker shade, you'll get a smoky eye effect that is both interesting and longer lasting than using a lighter shade. To get a smoky eye effect, use the shade of eyeliner pencil that has the most 'bounce' to add some dimension to the eye.

It's best to choose eyeliner pencils that are water-proof or semi-waterproof. These types are less likely to smudge or fade over time. Semi-waterproof makeup is more likely to clog the pores of your skin, which can cause blemishes and ultimately lead to premature eye wrinkles. This type of makeup is also more difficult to remove. Waterproof makeup is long-lasting and therefore less likely to crease.


You will find that there are many different kinds of eyeliner pencils on the market. Some are permanent, which means that they can't be removed; others are semi-permanent but washable. A good rule of thumb is that the ones that are semi-permanent should be kept inside of your purse at all times, and the liner itself should be stored separately from the rest of your cosmetics. The most popular liner colors right now are black and charcoal. Black is dramatic, yet doesn't require any additional processing like glitters or hairspray. Charcoal is warm, traditional, and looks good with any skin tone.


If you have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies, you may want to choose the hypoallergenic liquid liner. The best liquid eyeliner pencils do not clog pores, are highly pigmented and do not contain glues. There is no need for processing, as the pigmented components dissolve once applied. They do not need to be filled in nor do they require a second coat.

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