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Which is better, gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner?

If you want to look at the overall effect of makeup, the effect of liquid eyeliner is better. Because it is very durable and the pen tip is thin enough to be close to the roots of the eyelashes, the eyeliner drawn is more natural.

In terms of ease of operation, gel eyeliner pens are easier to get started quickly. Because the pen tip is harder, it is more stable in the hand. Gel eyeliner pens are generally auto-rotating styles, and the refills that come out are like crayons, which are much harder than liquid eyeliner pens in terms of softness and hardness. Its advantage is that it allows novices to get started quickly, because for many make-up novices, drawing eyeliner is a very difficult problem, and holding an eyeliner makes it difficult to grasp the degree of starting.

And using the eyeliner pen is particularly easy to color, even if you just paint lightly, it can also draw a particularly strong color. So there is no need to worry about the chromaticity. But it also has drawbacks, because the head is too hard and it can easily damage the eye skin. Everyone knows that the skin around the eyes is very delicate. If you paint on the roots of the eyelashes with such a hard head, it is easy to damage the skin around the eyes. So in terms of safety, liquid eyeliner should be even higher.

Its head is extremely soft and hardly causes damage to the eye skin. And because the tip of the pen is extremely thin, it can be seamlessly connected to the roots of the eyelashes, so there is no need to worry about creating a thin gap like eyeliner. The finished eyeliner is as natural as the color that comes with it. And its durability is super strong.

Ordinary liquid eyeliner pens last much longer than gel eyeliner. If you choose a waterproof and oil-proof liquid eyeliner, it lasts longer. But don't be careless, it is best to do a good job of primer and setting steps, so as to make makeup more difficult.

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