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How to choose eyebrow pencil

How to choose eyebrow pencil:
1. Choose the right color. There are many colors of eyebrow pencils, and different colors are suitable for different makeup, so you must choose the color that suits you. You can choose according to your hair color and skin tone.

2. The eyebrow pencil is not easy to break. A good eyebrow pencil is not easy to break. If the eyebrow pencil breaks with a little effort, the quality of the eyebrow pencil is usually not good.

3. Choose an eyebrow pencil with one-of-a-kind functions. Many eyebrow pencils use one eyebrow pencil in three ways for easy use. In addition to the function of the eyebrow pencil, it also has eyebrow powder and eyebrow powder liquid. For novices, it is best to choose a simple and easy-to-use eyebrow pencil.

4. Choose an eyebrow pencil with a brush head. The color of the eyebrows will be unnatural after drawing with the eyebrow pencil. At this time, you can use the eyebrow brush to brush the eyebrows evenly to make the eyebrows more natural and beautiful.

Identify the quality of eyebrow pencil:
The color rendering of eyebrow pencil: After all, the main purpose of using eyebrow pencil to make-up is to make it appear. Of course, in terms of the type of eyebrow pencil, the color rendering is from strong to weak. Generally, liquid eyebrow pencil is larger than pencil eyebrow pencil and larger than powder eyebrow. pen.

You can repeat the application three times on the back of the hand and observe the color development on the back of the hand. It can be restored to a few percent of the refill or brow powder color. Generally, more than 80% is better. If it is less than 60%, don't choose it.

The hardness of the eyebrow pencil: the hardness should be moderate. If the eyebrow pencil is too hard, it is difficult to draw the color. If the eyebrow pencil is too soft, it will appear sticky or grainy on the eyebrows, and the drawn eyebrows are also stiff without natural beauty. The judgment of moderate hardness is that a little effort can leave a clear color mark on the back of the hand, without hurting the skin, and without sticky or grainy feeling.

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