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How to choose the correct eyebrow trimming products

For any makeup look, the importance of beauty cannot be ignored. Not only does the proper emphasis on the eyebrows make you look more energetic, but it also modifies your face. How to choose the correct eyebrow trimming products? We have listed the advantages and disadvantages of various eyebrow products, and teach you how to choose the right eyebrow products.


Eyebrow pencil
Eyebrow pencil: The most common eyebrow product is the "originator" of various thrush products that evolved later. When using, the eyebrow pencil should be soft enough, and the texture should be smooth and should not feel the skin being pulled.


Advantages: The eyebrow pencil is easy to use and easy to control. An eyebrow pencil can be used for a long time, and the effect will be very natural if it is drawn properly.
Disadvantages: The lines drawn by the eyebrow pencil may be a bit rigid, making you look too harsh. You can hold your hand at the end of the eyebrow pencil, so you can draw more flexibly. And try to draw the eyebrows quickly and gently, one by one according to the direction of hair growth. Dip a cotton swab with makeup remover to wipe off those rigid and exaggerated lines.

Eyebrow powder
Eyebrow powder: Matte eyebrow powder can obviously fill the gap between the eyebrows and help modify the shape of the eyebrows. Without eyebrow powder, any eye shadow that matches the color of the eyebrows can also have the same effect.

Advantages: eyebrow powder has a very natural effect, long-lasting coloring and versatile (used to fix the makeup after the eyebrow pencil, can also be used before the eyebrow gel).
Disadvantages: If used improperly, it may go up a bit thick. In order to avoid this, use an ultra-fine angled eyebrow brush dipped in brow powder to paint. If it still looks a bit heavy, you can also use some loose powder on the eyebrows to cover it.


Eyebrow gel gel
Eyebrow gel gel: This is a lightweight mascara-like product that can quickly color and shape the eyebrows. It can not only help you straighten out the uneven eyebrows, but also make the eyebrows distinct and three-dimensional. You can use it alone, or you can set makeup after using eyebrow powder or pencil.

Advantages: Quick and easy to use, especially suitable for those who do not need to fill the gaps in the eyebrows, but want to make the eyebrows look thicker or add some color. In order to achieve the most natural effect, only use gel gel on the eyebrows.
Disadvantages: If the eyebrow gel is used to adjust the shape of the eyebrows, the result can only be a mess, so it is most suitable for setting makeup or increasing the volume of eyebrows.


Creamy eyebrow products
Cream-like eyebrow products: A cream-like, highly pigmented eyebrow product applied with a brush, with excellent hiding power.

Advantages: Large coverage area, suitable for people with fewer eyebrows.
Disadvantages: It is not very controllable, it does not look natural when used improperly, and it is easy to make makeup. You can use eyebrow powder to fix the makeup to avoid this problem.

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