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How to draw eyeliner

In life, it is often found that female friends with makeup have deep and smart eyes, which is very enviable. It must be that the makeup skills are very enough, and they can be familiar with the eyeliner drawing method. On the contrary, some female friends, if the skills are not enough, they will be embarrassed. Every time the eyeliner is removed, the panda eyes are changed in seconds, and the whole person's mood is lost. broken. It doesn't matter, today I will learn how to draw the eyeliner right away.


Step one
First make a primer. Generally speaking, the eyeliner is not easy to draw, so before lifting the eyeliner, be sure to lay the foundation and set the makeup, and put the powder that inhibits the secretion of oil on the eye, especially the outer corner of the eye, so as to ensure that the eyeliner is very natural .


Step two
Start drawing eyeliner. Pull the upper eyelid slightly upwards and use a black eyeliner to trace the shape of the eye from the tip of the eye to the end of the eye.

Step three
Smudge to open the eyeliner. Prepare an eye shadow brush or eyeliner brush tool, and then use a thinner eye shadow brush or eyeliner brush, from the tip of the eye to the end of the eye, follow the shape of the eye from the tip of the eye to the eyeliner.


Step four
Increase eye gloss. Choose eye shadows that can be paired with pink or gold pearls to increase eye gloss.


Step five
Press with loose powder. When you finish applying the eyeliner, remember to press it with loose powder and press it into the roots of the eyelashes. The eyeliner can stay natural and lasting.


As long as female friends follow the above steps, they can simply draw the eyeliner and have a satisfied eyeliner makeup. The drawn eyeliner is not easy to fall off, and the heart will not collapse. When the drawn eyeliner is easy to fall off, it may be one of the above steps. Omitted, when there is eyeliner loss, you can try to find out the specific reason, find out the appropriate method, and bid farewell to the embarrassment of eyeliner loss.

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