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Related types of eyeliner

Eye liner or eyeliner is one of the many cosmetic products used to define the upper and lower lash line. It is typically applied above and below the eye region on either one side to produce various aesthetic effects. The most common application of eyeliner occurs above the lower lash line at the outer corner of the eye. There are several variations of eye liner that can be used. The following are four popular forms.


High-Web (or Haloxyl): This is a light liner that provides more definition than an average line. It is very thin and is typically found in black eyeshadow. One of its most common looks is as a Haloxyl pencil with a high kohl effect that defines the upper lash line. Haloxyl pencils generally contain a high amount of natural eyeliner. However, some contain synthetic eyeliner that provides a less drastic look. Some high-web products also contain white pigment that creates a smoky look.


Smudge Brush: This is a soft eyeliner that is shaped like a brush. It can be used to apply eyeliner to the upper lash line or to the lower lash line. Some women prefer to use the smudge brush to blend eyeliner. Applying eyeliner this way can produce a softer effect than a sharp brush. There is a large area where the brush meets the skin, which makes it easy to apply smudge brush for different effects.

Cotton Swab: An old-fashioned way of applying eyeliner, the cotton swab has come a long way. You only need to wipe the cotton swab across the eyelid. One of the benefits of using cotton swab is the ease of application. One side of the cotton swab is wiped over the eyeliner while the other side is wiped off.


Winged eyeliner: A high-quality waterproof liquid eyeliner that has been around for decades. These are very similar to waterproof mascara. There are a wide-toothed circle on one side of the tube and a magnet-like strip on the other side that glide over the eyelid.


Magnet Strip: One of the new twists on the swab is the magnet strip. It glides onto the eyelid just as the magnet of the cotton swab does but without the need to wipe off the excess with a towel. As you can see, there are many ways to apply mascara and there are many different types of eyeliner. However, there is only one professional makeup artist who can make you look your best.


Smudge Free Liners: Smudge-proof eyeliners have a thin clear, streak-free coating on the eyeliner tip. They are available in a wide variety of finishes. The smudge resistance is another great feature that makes them so popular among women who are frequently in motion and don't want their eyeliner to smudge. These liners also provide an anti-inflammatory benefit because they are smudge proof.

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