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How to see the quality of eyebrow pencil

1. The color rendering of the eyebrow pencil
After all, the main purpose of using eyebrow pencil to make-up is to make it appear. If you paint for a long time, the eyebrows are still shallow, not showing the mountains and not leaking, naturally what is the use. Of course, in terms of the type of eyebrow pencil, the color rendering is from strong to weak. Generally, the liquid eyebrow pencil is larger than the pencil eyebrow pencil and the powder eyebrow pencil. For the same type of eyebrow pencil, you can try it directly on the back of your hand when testing the color rendering. Of course, the liquid eyebrow pencil can basically tell the color rendering by just drawing it, while the powder eyebrow pencil or pen-shaped eyebrow pencil can be applied repeatedly. Three times, observe the color development on the back of the hand, it can be restored to a few percent of the color of the refill or eyebrow powder, generally more than 80% is better, if it is less than 60%, don't choose it.


2. The hardness of the eyebrow pencil
This quality identification is mainly aimed at pen-shaped eyebrow pencils. The eyebrow pencil with moderate hardness is the best choice. Otherwise, the eyebrow pencil will not be able to draw the color for a long time if the eyebrow pencil is too hard. If the eyebrow pencil is too soft, it will appear sticky on the eyebrows. Feeling or grainy, the drawn eyebrows are also stiff without natural beauty. Generally speaking, the refill materials of pen-shaped eyebrow pencils are waxy and lipids. It is a compromise choice in terms of softness and hardness. Waxy paraffin wax, beeswax, etc., lipids such as lanolin, Cocoa butter, etc. The judgment of moderate softness and hardness during the trial is that a little effort can leave clear color marks on the back of the hand, without irritating the skin, and without sticky or grainy feeling.

Is there any good or bad eyebrow pencil?
The difference between a good eyebrow pencil and a bad eyebrow pencil is that a good eyebrow pencil is easy to color and has a softer texture.


How to identify the quality of eyebrow pencils:
1. The soft texture does not damage the skin.
2. Easy to color.


There are two colors of eyebrow pencil, black and brown, and the barrel is plastic and wood, and it is matched with a metal or plastic pen holder.


Although the shapes of eyebrow pencils and pencils are very close, their raw materials are different. The raw material of the pencil is graphite, and the main raw material of the eyebrow pencil is grease (castor oil, lanolin, etc.), waxes (cetes, white wax, ozokerite, etc.), pigments, flavors, etc. These raw materials are mixed, heated, decorated, cooled, formed into a group, and then rolled into a pen core, then modified and processed, and finally packaged.


When choosing eyebrow pencils, the length of the pen barrel must meet the requirements, the appearance of the decoration must be beautiful, and the pen core should be close to the pen barrel without looseness. The hardness of the refill should be moderate.

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