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How to distinguish true and false eyebrow pencils

1. Look at the packaging. For different brands of eyebrow pencils, there are certain packaging. If it's the kind that is bought outside and it's very cheap, you don't need to talk about it, you know it's fake.


2. Under normal circumstances, behind the eyebrow pencil packaging, there will be its brand name and logo. When you check it, please be careful. Different brands have different logos, and please consult yourself.


3. After opening, check whether the internal packaging is complete, for example, there must be instructions, and the production date and production batch number included in the inner packaging. These basic contents must be present.


4. A good eyebrow pencil, the head of the eyebrow pencil will be rigorous, there is no feeling of cracking, and the texture of the wood is also good. If it is inferior, it is made of inferior wood for its periphery, and it may even have a pungent chemical composition.



5. The production of general eyebrow pencil, that is, the eyebrow pencil itself is an eyebrow pencil, and there are no other decorations. If there are too many decorations on the eyebrow pencil you buy, it may be fake, just to attract You come to buy.


6. After unscrewing, you have to see what the heart of the eyebrow pencil looks like. For different grades of eyebrow pencils, there will be grades, so you have to see if there is a grade mark , If not, it is false.


7. When using the eyebrow pencil, you should also draw it to see what color it is. The color of the general eyebrow pencil is not very thick, it will have a light feeling. This is for us to draw one by one, not just one by one. The feeling of painting wrong.


8. Generally good eyebrow pencils will have a wear-resistant thing on the center of the eyebrows, for example, a metal piece. If you see that there is no such thing on the eyebrow pencil you bought, it is fake. It is really generally available to increase its service life.

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