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Which liquid eyeliner and eyeliner are better?

Which liquid eyeliner and eyeliner are better?
For liquid eyeliner. Many novices in makeup don't find it easy to use. So it often feels unsuitable. But that's because you didn't understand the liquid eyeliner clearly. Generally speaking, there are two types of eyeliner. There are soft heads and hard heads. Soft head liquid eyeliner is more difficult to grasp. Not suitable for novices, so for novices, it is more appropriate to choose a hard-headed liquid eyeliner. So for eyeliner. She looks like a novice. But the eyeliner is easy to be bald. The color is not as deep as the liquid eyeliner. The line looks thicker than liquid eyeliner. If it's for people who want to draw a very thin eyeliner. Eyeliner is not suitable for you. Eyeliner is suitable for people who are not too particular about image. So eyeliner or liquid eyeliner is better? In the actual situation, which is more suitable for you to choose. When buying eyeliner and liquid eyeliner. Be sure to pay attention to slow, waterproof and anti-smudge. Otherwise, if you don't pay attention to these details, there may be some makeup problems. For example, you might become panda eyes. For eyeliner or liquid eyeliner is better. The above analysis is very comprehensive for you. I think you already have a bottom in your heart! In fact, if the two are used together, it will be better.

The difference between liquid eyeliner and eyeliner
1. Comparison of difficulty in use: Comparing eyeliner and liquid eyeliner, liquid eyeliner is more difficult. This is because the liquid eyeliner is not easy to smudge, and I do not agree to modify it. Therefore, it is best to draw eyeliner with liquid eyeliner in one go, and you need to hone your skills more.

2. Actual makeup effect comparison: The makeup effect of eyeliner with liquid eyeliner is more durable, not easy to smudge, and the color is darker. Compared with eyeliner, the makeup effect of liquid eyeliner is more unnatural and it is difficult to blend with eye shadow.

3. Comparison of the control of the two: hard-head liquid eyeliner is more difficult to master, so it is recommended that makeup beginners can consider eyeliner pen and soft-head liquid eyeliner pen. The eyeliner drawn by the liquid eyeliner pen has bright colors and is not easy to remove makeup; and when used, the pen is smooth. The more prominent point is that most of the liquid eyeliner pens are relatively thin, and it is difficult to control the thickness of the eyeliner repeatedly. If you have to use liquid eyeliner, make-up beginners are suitable for hard-headed liquid eyeliner pen because it is easier to master. One thing that needs to be reminded is that the liquid eyeliner pen cannot draw a smoky effect, nor can it make a sense of smudge. Therefore, the liquid eyeliner pen is suitable for people with average makeup level.

Use eyeliner to draw eyeliner, which looks like a pencil. You can use a pencil sharpener or a knife to cut off the excess wood. Compared with liquid eyeliner pens, eyeliner pens are easy to color, easy to control the color, and easy to smudge. Generally speaking, makeup beginners are suitable to use eyeliner to draw eyeliner, because the refill of eyeliner is relatively soft and not easy to damage fragile skin. After the makeup skills are improved, it is more suitable to switch to other eyeliner tools. But before drawing the eyeliner, apply a powder on the eyeliner area to easily solve the problem of smudging on the eyeliner.



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